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In Session Photos

This is a series of “In Session at the Fry Pharmacy” which we will try to post weekly:   Nicole Atkins, graced the Fry Pharmacy this week, with her stellar cast of friends….. swimming and orbiting around this Neptune City born Nashvillian was Jim Sclavunos from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on Drums and […]

vintage guitar amplifiers, for you to use.

All of our gear is here for a reason, it is time tested on thousands of recordings, it’s our go-to equipment that we know works in specific applications.  Before I even go on, let me just say that there is NO rental fee, ever on this gear.  Our collection of vintage guitar amplifiers and drums, […]

A word on our Sphere Console

The Sphere Console.  –Our recording console is a Rare and legendary 1970’s Sphere Eclipse A.  The Sphere Console was a top of the line custom consoles made from the early to mid 1970’s. Sphere made approximately 50 and of those, only 23-25 are known to still exist…. on the planet! These remaining Sphere consoles are […]