What are your rates?
The Fry Pharmacy is $700 a day (approx 10 hours…), which includes the studio, all of our vintage gear, and an engineer. We do not offer a card rate (i.e., a higher rate for labels and wealthy clients). If you book 7 or more consecutive days, discount rates are available. If you are booking less than a full day, we charge $75/hour.

Do you take a deposit? What is the cancellation policy?
To reserve full days on our quickly-filling calender, we require a $100 deposit for each day booked. Days will be confirmed at receipt of payment unless prior arrangements have been made. We require three weeks notice of cancellation if you wish to receive a full refund of your deposit except in special circumstances.

How do I get there?
We are located in Nashville, TN. Directions available upon request.

Where do I get analog tape?
We keep a stock of analog tape on hand, or you can order it yourself from tapetape.com, which is perhaps the most reliable method of purchasing analog tape currently (please see tape requirements below). If you decide to order your own analog tape, please have it shipped to you at least a week ahead of time. Upon booking your project, let us know what your tape needs will be so we can be sure to be fully equipped for your session. We offer the following options if you would like us to provide the tape.

Once-Used: We highly recommend this option for most projects. The tape is from a reliable source and is guaranteed to have been used only once, generally in the film industry for folly purposes (birds chirping, train whistles, etc.) and not for other musical projects that can be hard on tape. The current price is $95/reel.

Rental Tape: At any given time we have rental reels available to clients that don’t want to fully purchase their own tape. We charge $25/reel use. These reels are used 3-4 times and transfered to hi-res wav files after each use for you to take home.

New: Brand new, never-used analog tape. Market price is currently around $250/reel.

What kind of tape should I get?
When you book the studio for your project we will discuss your goals and make the most appropriate decision. However, in general we use 2″ 499 analog tape for tracking. If you are also planning to mix to analog tape, we generally (but not always) will use 1/4″ GP9. If you have any further questions about what tape to get, feel free to check with us first.

WARNING: We STRONGLY recommend that you do not buy used analog tape from a miscellaneous source on the internet or locally. If the tape was not stored properly at any point it will become sticky and unusable. If you plan to order your own tape we recommend you only go through tapetape.com.

What else should I know?
Lets talk as early as we can about about the session, start times, pre-production, etc. We want to make this a fun and productive experience for everyone invlovled, so the quicker we all get on the same page, the better. We look forward to hearing from you!